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Overall: My offer is only about my potential and competencies (complex, universal and unconventional), probable an important resource, more important than petroleum, gold or diamond ..... no matter, .... because is human - intellectual, spiritual, innovative.

Of course we can consider too, at this point, all of our realizations, till now:

The problem is "How we can exploit and capitalize this resource, for benefits of us and of our partners (just potential partners at this time, unfortunately)"​.

The main keywords is

{We have "natural" resources. Who have the start-up money?}.

If we find the right answer for this gold question ..... can be .... boom. In a positive and valuable way :)

Trust me!

Hot opportunities for this period:



List of programs, projects, solutions » igNic---&---m@rkINVENT I.M.III

For sales and for PARTNERS

We start today to listing our programs, projects, and solutions (partial or final) and new proposals.

The order in list is unconventional, the order in which we remember about all this.

Where is possible we list the period of genesis for this.

I have forgotten many of the projects and solutions. I record from them as they rediscover them by memory or archives.


Pr=program pj=project s=partial solution Sf=final solution pty=prototype

pbR=pending RO patent • bR=RO patent pbI=pending intl. patent bI=intl. patent

color alternance = differentiation of sessions

No. Type Name (final or temporary) notes genesis
55 Sf car wash personal  robot some years ago
54 Sf New concepts for new safe-deposit box  2016
53 pj EU-RO-PROJECTS some years ago
52 Pr EU-RO-MODERN http://eu-ro-modern.ning.com some years ago
51 Pr worldInstit3000 some years ago
50 Sf transportGravitational some years ago
49 Pr educate3Kdiscipline some years ago
48 Sf a new standard for suitcase 23 mai 2016
47 pj the value of work some years ago
46 pj kmZero some years ago
45 pj axiologic3000 some years ago
44 s ROboMATRIX some years ago
43 pj inventSIS3000 some years ago
42 pj exponent3000 some years ago
41 s ROboDOC some years ago
40 s ii-edilitar3000 some years ago
39 Pr terrAAcademica terrAAcademica.eu 2016
38 pj 3dInteractiveAcademy some years ago
37 Sf an enhanced microprocessor ~2006
36 Sf noButton some years ago
35 Sf disappearances disappeared some years ago
34 Sf a new standard for electrical installations in civil engineering some years ago
33 Sf solution for mechanical assemblies a lot of years ago
32 Sf new vacuum cleaner 2016
31 Sf robotic vacuum cleaner a lot of years ago
30 pbR disposal of radioactiv waste aa1.ro/ra 2014
29 pbR pbI new digital encode/decode method and electronic system - aa1.ro/intl - aa1.ro/c ~2014
12-28 Pr, pj s, Sf 2 lists with 16 projects http://e11.ro/n_RU/postere.htm ~2006
11 s Energetic road a solution was realized in USA after some years from our invention ~2006
10 bR ROboLIB aa1.ro/r  patent granted 2007
9 Pr cXcXc - SSK'CUG '80
8 pj CyberSecureSystem 2016
7 Sf Cyber secure authentication methods 2 solutions 2016
6 Sf A new mechanical lock for doors 2015
5 s A new thermic engine 2016
4 pj virtCabiNet - igNic model virtual network some years ago
3 pj synergyNet virtual network some years ago
2 Sf Compact print archive of content of knowledge economical physical archiving solution of content of documents some years ago
1 s Universal-language communications tool a tool for communicate in all languages the content of knowledge some years ago
0 Pr casaNiculescu foundation for culture, civilization and progress - »»»» a lot of years ago
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